strategic planning

Goals and Objectives
West Fresno Family Resource Center has set three goals it would like to achieve with its programs.

Our Three Goals:

Goal One:“Strengthening Family Functioning:
Objective 1: Establish strength-based model for serving families with and among partnering service providers.

Objective 2: Establish safe and supportive environment for children and families.

Objective 3: Support the healthy development of children and families

Objective 4: Provide access to culturally appropriate and effective treatment and intervention mental health services..

Goal Two: “Improve family economic self-sufficiency”
Objective 1. Identify potential partners and build alliance with organizations and programs that will increase family economic self-sufficiency.

Objective 2. Establish on-site Career Center

Objective 3. Build and enhance trusting relationships with families.

Objective 4. Offer access to programs addressing family economic self-sufficiency.

Project Goal Three: “Expanding West Fresno’s capacity to support children and families”
Objective 1. Establish and maintain community involvement in program planning, implementation and evaluation.

Objective 2. Systems’ change - Partner with county, community based agencies and other entities that serve West Fresno Families

Objective 3. Build trusting and enduring relationships among service providers, between service providers

Objective 4. Build trusting relationships with families.


Funding our programs

West Fresno Family Resource Center is a non profit organization. To keep offering valuable programs to the community we receive grants from the government, but more importantly we rely on generous donations from local businesses and local people in our community. If you would like to help support our programs please donate. We appreciate your support.

If you would like to receive more information or would like to find other ways to donate to our organizations please





Back To School Health Fair
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Every year, many children start school a week or two late because they don’t have proper immunizations, physical examinations or lack school supplies or clothing.

Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Project(Click for more info)
Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in California, regardless of race/ethnicity. Survival is excellent when diagnosed early. If confined to the breast when discovered, five-year survival is over 95 percent.

Building Healthy Communities
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Building Healthy Communities (BHC) is a community-led initiative that focuses on making central, southeast, and southwest Fresno a stronger and healthier community where children and youth are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Culture Based Access Navigation (CBANS) Peer Support Program(Click for more info)
The West Fresno Family Resource Center has also partnered with Mental Health of America, Fresno County, and three other agencies to address the growing needs for mental health services

Community Computer Lab
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The West Fresno Family Resource Center also offers free use of our local computer lab. The lab will provide internet access for conducting job search, resume preparation, income and work support, homework station and other skills building.

Community Garden Projects
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West Fresno is a community in need of many resources for the low income families located in the local area

Family Development Matrix/Pathway Project(Click for more info)
The family development matrix is a tool used agencies to assess strengths and needs of families in their local area.

Food Stamp Enrollment(Click for more info)
Need help with buying food these days? You just may be eligible for help:

Inscripcion Para Estampillas de Comida(Click for more info)
Necesita ayuda con comprar su alimentos? Tal vez puede ser elegible para recibir ayuda

Health Insurance Enrollment
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The West Fresno Family Resource Center Inc offers enrollment assistance in the following health insurance programs.

Tiene Seguro Medico(Click for more info)
The West Fresno Family Resource Center Inc ofrece asistencia para registrar a sus ninos en una de los siguientes programas.

Healthy Habits in Progress (HHIP)
(Click for more info)

A community based collaborative project funded by the Walmart Foundation, aimed at the reduction of childhood obesity of Southwest Fresno in partnership with after school programs, youth and parents.

Improving Diabetes Care for Seniors
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Fresno County has a population of 915,267 according to the 2009 US Census estimate.

Prenatal Education(Click for more info)
The West Fresno Family Resource Center also recognizes families in need when they have a little one on the way.

Stork "N" Shop(Click for more info)
Along with our prenatal education course we have what we call Stork “N” Shop. This program was established to help moms to be get a head start on things they may need for their young one.

Stork "N" Shop(Click for more info)
Participe en las clases prenatales de “West Fresno Family Resource Center” y puede calificar para comprar ropita y artículos para bebe en nuestra tiendita de la cigüeña con los “Puntos Que Acumule”…

Cultural Advocacy Broker
Family Advocate Program

Cultural Brokers are community members who advocate and navigate families. We Work with families involved with the child welfare system or at-risk of becoming invloved during an Emergency or Crisis referral from the Department of Social Services.

Health and Wellness (click for more info
Black History Month

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